On this page, we list the organisations and individuals who have donated Crystal Clear Electronics tool and component kits to educational institutions and students. The Crystal Clear Electronics curriculum has been funded by Erasmus+, while the Crystal Clear Electronics device and component packages have been funded by other sources. Thanks to the sponsors below, more and more students are getting free parts to try out the lessons they have learned in the curriculum.

Number: Year: Sponsor: Amount granted:
1. 2020.

MVM Group

MVM was the first company to make the donation of Crystal Clear Electronics packages possible.

  • 13 complete device and components packages
    • Tóth Árpád High School (Debrecen, 4pcs)
    • Eötvös József High School (Budapest, 4pcs)
    • Piarista High School and College (Vác, 4pcs)
    • Cimbora Children's Club (Odorheiu Secuiesc, 1pc)