Zsolt Verasztó

PhD student

applied mathematics, Brown University 

Studies: Budapest University of Technology and Economics – Mechatronics engineer BSc., ETH Zürich Mechanical Engineering Masters

City: Providence Rhode Island

Date of birth: 1993

Professional interests: mostly dynamical systems, differential geometry

Hobbies: running, guitar

"I can’t really think of a funny quote. People are always laughing when I’m speaking normally."

All the other writer knew by the age of 3 that they will become engineers. I wanted to be everything but an engineer. History always fascinated me, but somehow, I still chose a very different carrier, I became a mechatronics engineer, then mechanics got me into the world of dynamic systems, and I was hooked.

Currently I have lots of classes as mathematics was not my background. I will research stochastic differential geometry which I hope will have a good use in developing machine learning algorithms, but we are so at the abstract end of things that when I say “machine learning” that is the practical application of the practical application of the practical application of what we do.

I know a lot of the other writers from Formula Student, I was an electric mechanic, then battery-responsible and later vehicle dynamics team lead there. I don’t feel like these would be too exact things for me, but people change and learn, I am open to everything.

One of my good friends is currently in Japan and we were arguing between having 13 or 11 hours of time difference between us. I think he is 11 hours in the other direction, but he kept saying stuff about the date line. In my profile picture you can see my office. I don’t want a car because it is too loud, and Rhode Island is pretty densely populated I just run to the other place in 8 minutes while the others are looking for parking space. I like simple things. People don’t always do stuff intentionally, just the external and internal circumstances have an effect of them.