László Treszkai

Studies: Electrical Engineer MSc (Budapest University of Technology and Economics), Artificial Intelligence MSc (University of Edinburgh)

Date of Birth: 1988

Professional interests: self-driving electric cars, artificial intelligence

Hobbies: hiking, juggling, minesweeper

Blog: www.treszkai.com

In high school my favorite subjects were mathematics, physics and programming so following the steps of my father I applied to the electrical engineering specialization of BUTE. At university I was mostly fascinated by designing embedded systems so this was the path I followed during my masters. In the last two years I have worked on my favorite project: building the petrol-engine and the electric race car of the BME Formula Racing Team, where I met Gergő Lágler. After a few years of embedded software work my interest swayed towards artificial intelligence, where my focus is on the potential catastrophes caused by very intelligent very badly designed software.