János Tóth

Computer engineer, MSc.

Software engineer
/Robert Bosch Kft./


Studies: Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Bolyai János High School

City: Bugyi

Date of birth: 1989

Professional interests: Motorsport, embedded systems, software architecture

Hobbies: volleyball, motorsport in any amount, learning new things

"I always strive for perfection so sometimes I do nothing because that is the most perfectly doable thing."


When I was a child electronics and everything related could not have been further from me. I was way more interested in machines and vehicles. All I used my computer for was video games. I was interested in informatics, but I did not pursue it at first, but I still ended up at the informatics major of BUTE. Here I got to learn about embedded systems which piqued my interest. I joined the BME Formula Racing Team where I had the chance to develop software and even hardware for a real race car.

I hope that this curriculum will provide a good starting point for young people like I was during high school. If someone would have given me a book like this, this world would have swallowed me earlier and I would have planned my future a lot more attentively.