Erzsébet Szomorú-Ozsváth

Electrical engineer, MSc.

IAM consultant

Studies: Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Dóczy High School of the Protestant College of Debrecen

Date of Birth: 1986

Hobbies: hiking, cycling, painting, reading, board games, skiing, plants, football, movies, ballet, silk painting, photography, yoga, pilates

During high school I was interested in everything. I liked learning languages, I liked literature, music, dance, but at the same time I like science as well. I was looking for a profession which gives me opportunities in the long run, has variety, and also poses a challenge, so I applied for electrical engineering in German.

As a woman I had a very different, more colorful experience of BUTE so I can recommend it to every hesitant girl out there. The German language (beside the English language of course) has given me access to several extra carrier options and technical literature.

By reading this curriculum I hope you will get closer to the beauty of electrical engineering, the practical side that may be of great help before making carrier choices.