Károly Póka

Electrical engineer student

/Hungarian Society of Young Scientists/ (since 2015)


Studies: Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Dóczy High School of the Protestant College of Debrecen

City: Budapest, Chur (Switzerland), Debrecen

Date of birth: 1997

Professional interests: Control theory, robotics, artificial intelligence

Hobbies: motorbikes, travel, vlogging (YouTube), aikido, guitar


If you are reading this curriculum and you know who said “… sometimes you gotta Run before you can Walk” then you are probably on a similar path then I was in high school!


Throughout my whole life I always had the urge to create something. Until the end of elementary school this was satisfied by making swords, shields and bows, until 10th grade I had electric model cars, LED-s, PWM controlled strobe lights, robot arms with servos, but in 11th grade I felt I need to step further and created my exoskeleton glove project. I’m not going to lie; Iron Man had a great influence on me. During all these projects I realized the the experience gained from these is not something I can get from anywhere else. It has given me a serious advantage at every problem I had to solve after, such as the Start Wars BB-8 droid I did as my thesis project.

At university and later at my first job I knew that practical knowledge is at least as important in engineering as theory and you are never too young to start! I hope that this curriculum will give you an impulse early enough that will start you towards the land of success. Don’t forget, it is not embarrassing, and very useful if someone has a role model, be it a real or a fictive person!