Olivér Pintér

Computer engineer, Bsc.

Streaming Engineer + C developer



Studies: Budapest University of Technology and Economics Computer Engineer Bsc

City: Budapest

Professional interests: IT Security, UNIX systems

Hobbies: cooking, wall climbing, FreeBSD

I was introduced to the world of programming at the end of high school, as I found Excel to be too slow at computing certain things. I started learning Pascal, which quickly got replaced by C. The latter brought with itself the need of learning about UNIX systems as well. Programming and UNIX gives you a way of thinking, which later got broadened by IT security and exploit prevention knowledge, and some low level programming experience (x86 / x86-64 assembly) which I can use during day-to-day development. It matters a lot whether a program randomly crashes or not and what can be the impact of such a crash. :)

All in all I urge the reader to explore the world, find out what opportunities they have and learn from both positive and negative experiences.