Péter Nagy

Mechanical modeler, MSc.

PhD student
/BME Hidrodinamikai Rendszerek Tanszék/

Studies: Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Nagy Lajos High School (Szombathely)

City: Szombathely, Budapest

Date of Birth: 1990

Professional interests: Fluid dynamics, race cars

Hobbies: cycling, hiking, go-kart, sailing

"If I totally lose my self-control someday, I will control exactly by how much."


I was already interested in physics in elementary school, and this interest only grew stronger during high school. I tried to do several experiments at home which on several occasions resulted in the destruction of some household items. I built many electric circuits as well, but I could not really find a good source material for learning. Sometimes I took on a too difficult task, and sometimes the schematic I found on the internet turned out to be faulty. Lucky me, the owner of the local electronics shop – Pedro – always helped me out if I got stuck. I helped write this curriculum to give enthusiastic young people like I was a better starting point than I had. Since than I mainly spend my time with fluid dynamics at university, but even today the knowledge I gained measuring things back then is still useful. I hope that with this curriculum you will have an easier time.