Lágler Gergely
Gergely Lágler

Electrical engineer, MSc.

CEO, Engineer
/Xtalin Ltd/,

Finance, Sponsoring, Legal
/Formula Student EAST/,

Vice president
/Járműmérnökök Egyesülete/


Studies: Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Bolyai János Practice Primary and Secondary Grammar School

City: Csepreg, Budapest

Date of birth: 1986

Hobbies: electric go-kart, electric vehicle racing, electric bikes, running, wall climbing

My lottery numbers: 86, 8, 28, 14, random /I'm not playing due to probability reasons/


Ever since I was in school various electronic devices had been the unfortunate suspects of my curiosity. We had excellent teachers and even an internet connection at school, but a good source of learning was always missing. To be more exact I was missing a structured, comprehensive set of resources for learning which has made the road to the third year of university, from when my practical knowledge started to expand, fairly bumpy.

This experience gave me the idea to cooperate with excellent engineers and give young students a learning source with step-by-step instructions. I truly hope that this curriculum will help young students to become great experts and engineers, and maybe some of them will be the future employees of Xtalin Engineering.

I wish every reader has a good and successful time studying and developing!