Gábor Kalmár

Electrical engineer, MSc.

Software developer
/Mentor Graphics Magyarország Kft/

Studies: Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Bibó István High School

City: Kiskunhalas, Budapest

Date of Birth: 1989

Hobbies: exercise, creating, reading


My interest in everything technology related comes from working as my father’s apprentice from a young age. He said that I was the one passing him the tools (he is carpenter). While other kids my age were playing with whatever I was assembling the vacuum cleaner for my mom, and I was straightening its cord so that “the current won’t have to make so many turns”. My desire for creating and improving has always been a big part of my life. If I can’t do something I learn and improve until I can. The first time I saw a schematic was in a school textbook and it bothered me a lot that I don’t understand any of it. This is how I became an electrical engineer. Later it bothered me that I don’t know how to program microcontrollers. This is how I became an embedded software engineer.

The path leading to where I am today was obviously not easy, but it was paved with mentors I am very thankful to. One of them was Gergely Lágler, whom I was able to work with in the Formula Racing Team of the university on an electric racing car. It was great fun, thank you Gergely!