Botond Csathó

Electrical engineer, BSc.


Studies: Elementary School of the Protestant College of Debrecen, Dóczy High School of the Protestant College of Debrecen, Budapest University of Technology and Economics Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics

City: Budapest, Debrecen

Date of Birth: 1996

Hobbies: kyokushin karate, traveling, hiking

"Every problem has several solutions; our job is simply to find one of them."


As a young boy I frequently “helped” my father who had made many DIY things around the house. Of course, my most useful help was to quietly observe from a distance but soon I started on my own path which has sometimes brought demise to a few drill bits or measuring equipment.

In high school the center of my interests revolved around physics, thanks to my excellent physics teacher and the many experiments in class. I experienced the wonderful feeling of understanding a physical quantity or successfully reproducing an unexpected experiment. I was driven towards science and its practical applications by a thirst for understanding which made me choose an engineering carrier.

I urge everyone to “take a bite of”, peek into the exciting word of electronics, experience firsthand how euphoric is to see a device working that you have built yourselves because as my physics teacher used to say: “appetite comes with eating”!