Balázs Ancsa

Electrical engineer, MSc.

Team lead, Hardware engineer

Studies: Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Bányai Júlia High School

City: Budapest

Date of Birth: 1987

Professional interests: embedded systems, automatization, process development

Hobbies: reading, board games

“Looking does not mean seeing”

When I was sixteen years old, I got a square paper notebook from my physics teacher full of hand-drawn circuit schematics. I only understood a few things and I could not really connect it to what I have been taught in physics class. A few weeks late I still managed to build my own astable multivibrator and began my electrical engineer carrier.

At university I have come across microcontrollers in my first year, and during the first summer break I have completed my first project: an old gamepad converted to a USB steering wheel controller. I learned a lot of theory during my studies, but it was at my first real job where I learned the basics of engineering.

In my carrier it was a huge advantage that I started working with circuits and programming so early. I hope that this curriculum will be your version of a square paper notebook full of schematics, and that you find the world of electronics as interesting and fun as I did.